PAST EVENT / September 27, 2015: Migration – Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons

September 27, 2015: Migration – Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons

Thousands of hawks and eagles soar high above us on their migration to spend winter in warmer climes. Join us to learn more about these mighty predators of the sky: bald eagles rebounding from near extinction and the numerous varieties of hawks that pass this way each year. Guest speakers will discuss hawk migration and the adaptations of beaks and talons. Info stations will cover youth birding. Lights Out Baltimore will feature the impact of lighted buildings on migratory birds. And, Kathleen Woods of the Phoenix Wildlife Center will be speaking about raptor migration.  She will bring an education hawk with her.


‘What makes a raptor a raptor?’ Discover what is special about the eyes, beaks, feet and talons of birds of prey. Presentation by Joan Cwi, President of the Baltimore Bird Club, at 2pm

Find out what a “Hawk Watch” is and where you can participate in one, with Jim Meyers, 3pm

Watch a nest up close – we’ll log in to a raptor nest cam

Are you a young naturalist? Find out how to start your own bird-watching with the Baltimore Bird Club Youth Birding outings.

Many migrating birds fly at night … and hundreds are injured or die from colliding into buildings. Learn how we can make migration safer with ideas from Lights Out Baltimore

Especially for children:

  • Can you move through our Migration Challenge course successfully and survive migration?
  • Try your skill at “eating” like a bird with different “beaks”
  • We’ll take a mini field trip outdoors to see “Who’s Here Now?”
  • Take home a souvenir of your visit – make a paper flying eagle airplane