PAST EVENT / September 13, 2015: Life of Streams

The Life of Streams Nature Connection, September 13, 2015, from 1:00-4:00pm

The streams running through our neighborhoods are full of life. The swirling, churning water world is home to not only fish, amphibians, and reptiles, but a variety of many tiny aquatic creatures. Join us to discover more about our local freshwater streams and these curious inhabitants. Activities for all ages!

1:30 – Stan Kemp, aquatic ecology researcher will discuss the “Impact of Urbanization on Fish in Local Streams”

Throughout the afternoon, participate in these activities led by Amanda Sullivan, Conservation Education Assistant, DNR:

  • simple water testing for phosphates, nitrates, pH, etc.
  • critique pictures of stream habitats and grade them based on parameters we set on stream corridor and habitat health
  • identify macroinvertebrates based on clue cards

Learn more about tiny aquatic creatures and the water quality of our local streams with childrens’ activities and games:

  • ‘Macroinvertebrate Mayhem!’
  • Draw your own waterfront property
  • Demonstrate how rain moves through a watershed, via streams, into the ocean
  • Sketch a path through a maze drawing to help a raindrop find its way to a storm drain
  • Help us complete a stream mural

For all ages, don’t miss our special viewings of these videos:

  • “The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary”, narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, following the life cycle of a non-aquatic creature (a plastic bag!) on its way to the ocean
  • From our Natural History Society of Maryland team: “Hellbenders in West Virginia”. Hellbenders are the third largest aquatic salamander. They are very large, unique creatures that inhabit clean rocky streams making them a great indicator species of a healthy habitat.