PAST EVENT / November 22, 2015: Geology Day!

November 22: Geology Day!

What rocks are under your house? What geologic events have occurred to form the landscape of your neighborhood, the Baltimore area, and the rest of Maryland? What evidence of this can we find in the rocks under your neighborhood? Join us for an afternoon of activities exploring what our planet is made of and how it’s changed, particularly in Maryland.

1:15pm / Special Presentations – Two excellent speakers will provide a summary look at the long history that gives us the landscape we see today in our area, and what you can look for in the rocks you might encounter on your nearby travels.

• Jim McConkey — cave expert and historian — begins with a general overview of earth formation and geology

• Martin Schmidt —author, science teacher, and world explorer — continues with Maryland geologic history, identifying rocks, and more info on local rocks.

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Ongoing activities between 1:00 – 4:00pm:

• Martin Schmidt will bring geologic maps to help you find what’s under your house or other places or interest, and demonstrate the use of new digital maps.

• Bring your rock collection if you have one – and our experts will help you interpret the story of your rocks. Ask questions and share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

• Compare sand from different local beaches – can you tell them apart? View a 3-D image of specimens through a stereo microscope.

  • Examine rocks from several collections, hosted by local rockhounds.

• All of our Nature Connections feature collections, displays, and hands-on activities for adults and children. Details will be posted here.


Marylands Geology book

Guest speaker Biographies:

Martin Schmidt has been teaching grades 9-12 at McDonogh School since 1978, including physics, chemistry, and geosciences over the years.  He is author of the book, Maryland’s Geology, published by Schiffer Publishers, which is designed to give a basic geologic background & then apply it to the state, for students, teachers, and laymen.  He feels fortunate to have been able to travel to the Andes, the Alps, & the Himalayas, for their great geology and scenery.  He loves maps and can play around with GIS (computer maps) for hours.  Lately he’s been busy talking to naturalists, teachers, citizens, and park rangers about Maryland geology, and enjoys sharing that information.

Jim McConkey is the chair of two local caving groups, the project coordinator for a large regional project at Grand Caverns in Virginia, a member of the Maryland Karst Survey, and cave historian.