PAST EVENT / January 24, 2016: Tracks, Traces, and Signs

Tracks, Traces, & Signs:

Enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors with knowing what wildlife is around you, but unseen. Learn what signs of wildlife to look for. We’ll show you how to notice and ID tracks and prints, scat and droppings, and signs of eating, hunting, and sheltering. We’ll have many specimens to hold and study, and fun hands-on activities to guide your discoveries.

1:15pm: “Discover The Secret Lives of ‘Undercover’ Animals” – Many animals are active in our own backyards, often at night. The Susquehannock Wildlife Society will share these stories through their trail camera night-time footage. You will learn what signs to look for and how to identify the wildlife that might be using your backyard!

From1:00-4:00 / Various stations will provide information, samples, and hands-on activities for adults and children:
Scat and droppings – make edible scat
Prints and tracks – use our tracks to mimic basic movement patterns of wildlife
Explore fragments of animal remains (skulls, antler rubs, bones, etc) – can you guess where they came from?
Learn about all the different places above, below, and around us that animals may be using as home
Find out what chewed twigs, tunnels and burrows, pieces of fur and feathers can tell you about the wildlife that has passed by
Try our scavenger hunt – can you find all the signs we’ve hidden for you outdoors?
More activities to be posted / check here for updates!

About Our Guests:
The Susquehannock Wildlife Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to protecting our native wildlife and its habitat in and surrounding the lower Susquehanna River basin through research, education, conservation, rescue and rehabilitation.