PAST EVENT / February 28, 2016: Skulls & Teeth

Have you ever found a skull in the woods and wondered, “What kind of animal was this?” or, “I wonder what this animal ate?” or “How did this animal die?” Skulls can answer all of these questions…if you know how to “read” them. Like the pages of a book may be read to reveal the life of a man, so may a skull be “read” to reveal the history and lifestyle of an animal. If you know what to look for, you can interpret information about how the animal lived its life and possibly, even how it died. Please join us for an afternoon of learning how to “read” a mammal skull.

1:15pm / Featured Presentation – Eugene Meyer will challenge you to think more broadly about identification and consider more open-ended questions to ask when looking at a skull.

Ongoing between 1:00-4:00pm – Stop by at your convenience and stay as long as you’d like!

Examine a wide variety of animal skulls from the Natural History Society extensive collections, scientist and naturalist personal collections, and Department of Natural Resources. Our expert team will guide your hands-on exploration as well as by microscope and lenses.

If you have a collection, please bring it! Learn more about it from our experts, and share your discovery with others.

Learn how to ID a skull and what the types of teeth, eye placement, and other characteristics tell you about the behavior of that animal

Especially for children – design a fantasy creature’s skull and decorate a skull mask to take home with you!