PAST EVENT / February 14, 2016: Minerals

February 14: Minerals – bring your collection!

Explore the astounding variety of minerals and their uses. While gemstones are associated with Valentine’s Day, many minerals are critical elements of the technology we use in our everyday lives: from our laptops, tablets, and smart phones, to cars and household appliances. There are over 4,000 minerals, including gemstones. Learn how the properties of minerals allow them to serve many functions in construction, machinery, jewelry, and art. We’ll have several collections on hand for you to examine in close detail, and additional crafts and activities tailored for children, including a Valentine take-home craft.

1:15pm /  featured Minerals presentation: “Chromite in Maryland & Pennsylvania – A History”, by Johnny Johnsson

Ongoing from 1:00-4:00 / Stop in any time and stay as long as you’d like:

  • Bring your minerals collection if you have one! Talk with our experts and learn more about your specimens
  • Examine minerals from several local mineral collectors, courtesy of the Baltimore Mineral Society
  • Engage in mineral-related activities for children, included a Valentine’s Day take-home craft