PAST EVENT / December 13, 2015: Winter Solstice: Watching the Night Sky

December 13 – Winter Solstice: Watching the Night Sky

The long, clear winter nights are a great time to watch the celestial action in the sky. Join us for an afternoon of learning what to observe about the moon, stars, and planets during the the winter. Begin with a presentation from author Martin Schmidt. Find out what tools you can use to enhance your observations of the winter night sky. Discover what the Winter Solstice is and why it is celebrated. Now that we’ve stimulated your interest in what’s happening in the sky, the Harford County Astronomical Society will have a solar scope on hand so you can look at the sun, sun spots, solar flares, solar filaments, even pending clouds. And, as usual, we’ll  have hands-on family activities and crafts for the children! Join us on one of the shortest days of the year.

1:15: Presentation by Martin Schmidt

Ongoing between 1:00-4:00pm (visit us anytime during these hours):

  • Solar scope viewing, directed by Harford County Astronomical Society
  • Examine pieces of meteorites from the personal collection of Phil Schmitz
  • More activities for families and children to be announced!