PAST EVENT / April 24, 2016: Songbird Migration

Nature Connections: Songbird Migration

April 24

Spring gifts us with the wonderful morning chorus of songbirds. Some birds are visiting us for only a short time, stopping here for food along their long migration. Others will stay, make nests, and raise their young here. Some songbirds travel thousands of mile from their wintering spot to their final breeding grounds. Technology is giving us a window into this fascinating journey. At our next ‘Nature Connections’, on April 24, we’ll celebrate the spring symphony and migration of songbirds.


Special Presentations:

1:15pm / Joanne Dintzis, will present “Learning from Songbirds: tips for fellow amateurs and beginners: Beyond beauty and delight, songbirds are ambassadors from our environment. By observing them we can catch glimpses into the layers of life around us.”

2:15 pm / Joan Cwi, president of the Baltimore Bird Club, will feature a talk highlighting the fascinating journey of “Migration”

About our bird-loving guest speakers:

Joanne Dintzis: Joanne is an amateur birder who started watching birds as a young child in Baltimore. She is a member of the Baltimore Bird Club (chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society). Joanne leads bird walks at Cromwell Valley Park in the spring and fall, and is a volunteer monitor for the Bluebird Nest Box Trail at Cromwell Valley Park. She has a special talent for identifying birds by their song.

Joan Cwi: Following a mid-life crisis, Joan discovered the joys of birding and has been an enthusiastic birder ever since.  In addition to being president, she is active in many bird club activities including conservation, leading field trips, and as editor of BBC’s quarterly newsletter, Chip Notes.  She also maintains a native plant meadow in her community for “birds, bees and butterflies.”  She has traveled throughout the Americas and abroad in discovery of birds.

Ongoing Activities and Info Stations, between 1:00-4:00pm

  • Stop in anytime and stay as long as you’d like!
  • View natural history specimens of songbirds
  • Chat with the Baltimore Bird Club about your birding questions
  • Learn about Bluebird Nest Box / Monitoring, with Martha Johnston
  • Step outside for some guided bird watching, especially for children, with Kevin Graf
  • Have fun with more bird related activities and crafts for children
  • Engage with other scientists and naturalists on hand to answer questions and guide your connection with nature