PAST EVENT / August 9, 2015: Nature’s Night Songs – Singing Insects

Summer evenings have a background symphony of trills, chirps, and buzzes. Explore with us the world of singing insects: grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids. Find out how and why they make their songs. And we’ll make music of our own! Musicians will accompany us for an afternoon of singing insect discovery and activities.

If you would like (it is not required!), you are invited to catch a grasshopper, cricket, and/or katydid beforehand, bring them to the event, and we’ll help you identify their species. Catch them a day or so before and keep them in a container with air holes. Be sure to feed them grass or leaves and provide moisture.

Guest Speaker: Cathy Stragar of the Audobon Naturalist Society on singing insects (scheduled for 1:30pm)

Ongoing Activities from 1:00 – 4:00 (drop in anytime!):

• Explore how and why insects make their songs

• Observe insect specimen displays, courtesy of the Maryland Entomological Society and the NHSM

• Talk with insect experts and scientists

• Listen to a variety of insect songs and sounds

• Go on a mini insect safari

• Participate in sound games

• Make insect crafts

• Find out how you can participate in a citizen science project: “Cricket Crawl”

Musician Ed VandenBosche will accompany this event with insect song music and activities